Frequently Asked Questions

Does custom charm jewelry make a good gift?

Yes, custom charm jewelry is the ideal gift to show someone you really care. By taking the time to really think about the person, to consider what they like, their hobbies, their dreams and their personality, you create a unique and thoughtful gift experience for them. When you design your own custom charm jewelry piece, your gift is literally more than 1 in a million. We did the math - there are over 530,543,488,392,392+ possible combinations of charm jewelry due to our vast selection! A truly unique and special gift.  

Do you offer any guarantees on your jewelry?

Yes, absolutely! We stand behind all our jewelry with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

What are your shipping rates and where do you ship to? 

Check out our shipping rates, and how to get free shipping, here.

How do I know what size of necklace or bracelet to get? 

Necklaces - An 18" chain is the average size for most adults that will approximately in the center of your collarbone. A 30" length of chain is a long length that will land about mid chest on most average adults. 

Bracelets - The average size for a bracelet is 7.5 inches. A bracelet with links can be doubled up (clasped shorter) to create a smaller size, and alternatively a bracelet extender can be purchased to add extra length if needed.  

Bangles - Bangles are one size fits all. They can widen to go on your wrist and then retract to stay on.

How do I care for my jewelry?

The easiest way to keep sterling silver jewelry looking fresh and bright, is to prevent it from tarnishing in the first place. Keep it dry. Take it off when swimming or bathing. Avoid contact with chemicals such as lotion, perfumes, oils, soaps etc. When you are not wearing your jewelry, keep it in a cool, dark location, away from sunlight and humidity. 

What material is the jewelry made out of?

All of our jewelry is guaranteed to be nickel free, lead free, toxin free and hypoallergenic. All the necklaces, bracelets and earrings are sterling silver. The bangle is stainless steel. The charms are a nickel free alloy, which allows them to be light and comfortable to wear when you have a whole charm bracelet full of them!

Do you do any fundraising/wholesale/affiliate programs?

We are working on that right now! Get in contact with us here.

Any other questions, comments or concerns? 

Send us a message here.